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Violations and Restrictions

If you violate any part of these Terms and Conditions then your permission to access and use Jobs4worldwide Content and the Site automatically terminates and you are required to immediately destroy any copies held by you of Jobs4worldwide content. The website content is specially designed to present our content in a unique presentable format.  

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Our site is available only for users above the age of 18 and who can form legally binding contracts.  

Referrals by Candidate / Employer 

The rules specified by Jobs4worldwide (referred to as “the company”) from time to time stand applicable to any referral made. By making a referral, you explicitly agree to be bound by the terms of the referral decided by the company. The company reserves the right to negate the referrals at its discretion without any prior notice. 

Any referral made either by the candidate or employer is considered valid when the referred candidate/business/employer enters the name and contact details of the referee (the person referring) on the online registration form at the time of registering. 

Changes in the Terms and Conditions 

Any changes or modifications made in the terms and conditions shall be effective immediately and the previous terms and conditions shall stand null and void. In case of any changes, the same shall be communicated to you through your registered email, push notifications and website pop-ups. You must pay a timely visit to this page to stay updated with any changes or modifications made. 

Jobs4worldwide may change, modify or discard the website or the terms and conditions or the privacy policies at any time without any prior notice.  

 Last Updated On: 15/03/2023